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About the Artist

The meta universe identity OVADEUS™ belongs to David Meyers, a long-time artist and designer. He was an early pioneer in digital art, being credited as having some of the earliest digital illustrations published in commercial print (MacWorld 1984). He has also been a successful digital designer, fine artist, and illustrator. Having created digital solutions for entertainment icons including Paul McCartney, The Grand Ole Opry, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and more, he continues to indulge in new technologies. His traditional fine art is highly sought after can be found in collections around the world. And his independent short film Wood Diary screened in over 50 juried film festivals globally.

Ovadeus NFT Collections

A series of NFTs with historical merit and a creative track record of supreme excellence. Created by a transparent and trustworthy soul with a long history of creative endeavors. Forged using the Gutenberg NFT Press.
Māo Kingdom
The Original No Good Cat is at it again

Forged from Chinese lore and emperial feline legends.

Māo Kingdom™
Historical Bits and Bytes
Rare and Historical Digital Artifacts

A variety of digital assets from the archives of Exit 7, Inc and David Meyers from the 1980s and 1990's

Historical Bits and Bytes™
Planning Stages
Change Agents
NFT Representations that Changed the World

This one is still under warps - sorry. But it promises to shake the NFT world.

NFT Change Agents™
Planning Stages
Rice Lords
Capitalism Gone AMOK in the ricefields of the far east

The NFT peasents will rise up against the nobilty and royals. Hint: Game infused.

Rice Lords™
Planning Stages

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The Gutenberg NFT Press makes rapid NFT production possible for creators who wish to maintain artistic control over their unique creations. Each press is custom built by Ovadeus and configured for the unique requirements of the creator. It is delivered as a javascript-based in-browser Web application or an internet-enabled desktop app. The core engine is prebuilt, each application is customized based on your specs your and specific artwork. You supply the artwork in layers, we configure the system, test, and provide it to the you as a final deliverable. At this point you will be able to modify the colors, textures, and line work on a preview canvas within the app. There is no limit on the number of images you can create. Once you are satisfied, simply click the export button and the app will press you a high-quality lossless NFT file, afterwhich you can post and mint on the NFT market of your choice.


Individually branded with your identity.


All presses are individually tooled to meet the artist's needs.


Adaptable to any avatar, character, or artwork.

Variable Accessories

Add a variety of variable options or accessories with full artistic control.

High Resolution

Exports in high-quality lossless format.

Easy Save-As Export

One-click export of final artork.
  • Words are not my native tongue. Images are.
    Robert Henri
  • Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.
    Claude Monet
  • People will forgive anything but beauty and talent. So I am doubly unpardonable.
    James Whistler

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